Saturday, October 17, 2009

Talking with God . . . ???

After a post a few weeks ago that some might describe as cynical, I just had to share this tidbit (of which, by the way, I have no memory, nor do I choose to editorialize on it).  My Mom sent me a copy of the following meditation, which was published in the November 2, 1965 issue of the Gospel Herald, a Mennonite newsletter:

Out of the Mouth of Babes
by Ruth Martin

Our 2 1/2-year-old Danny just gave me a lesson I hope I shall never forget.  While I was cleaning up the breakfast dishes, he occupied himself with his toy telephone.

Trying to decide who to "talk to," he suddenly decided, "I better call Jesus."  The following conversation ensued:

  "Hello, Jesus.  Are you fine?"  (Pause)
  "Yes, I'm fine too."  (Longer pause)
  "OK, I will.  Bye-bye, Jesus.  See ya later."

The little receiver went down with its characteristic tinkle, and Danny went on about his business.

I stopped working, up to my elbows in suds.  "Father, help me to pray like that.  .  .  .As naturally as we exchange pleasantries on the phone, obviously more interested in His welfare, His wishes, than my own.  And let me teach my little ones as faithfully as you teach me, through them."

Mom tells me she always wondered what transpired on that phone and/or in my mind.  Wish I could tell you. . .


jaigner said...

Ever hear the old gospel song, "The Royal Telephone?" Can't say it has much theological value, but boy is it catchy.

MrErr said...

I liked your article. I wanted to share it with my friends on facebook but some of them are lazy or not computer literate. So i was wondering in order to make your blog easier to read by removing the subject list from the beginning of the actual post. I do enjoy reading your blog.

Dan Martin said...

Sam, thanks for the feedback and kind words. I do want to experiment with some other layouts if/when I have time. I have found the subject index important to newcomers so they can explore past topics, so I can't justify removing it, but I would like to figure out a way to post it that would be more user-friendly.

In the meantime, what might help you for embedding a specific article would be if you would right-click on the title at the top of any specific post, and copy the link location from that title rather than my main blog address. For example, the link for this current post would be:

That way, even if I post a later entry, your facebook posting will still link to the entry you were actually trying to get people to see.

I hope this is helpful, and again, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I welcome other suggestions that might make the blog more user-friendly, particularly if I can accomplish it without losing the front-and-center access to past content.